Most Business Coaches fail to get RESULTS that last

It takes 3 things for a Business Coach to be create a life-changing results for their clients: A cutting-edge step by step strategy that works, world-class mindset support and world-class "done with you" support to implement every single piece.

It is not enough to have all the "information", you need a "MAXIMUM TRANSFORMATION" and be coached with a step by step strategy all the way down not just part of it.

The fact sad is that most "Business Coaches" out there, don´t have a system, process nor a strategy and don´t know how to get results that last for their clients when they eventually have one. They don´t have either a system to consistently get ideal clients who love to work with them.

Why Ology Coach is different

We love our new Business Coaches. Not only we teach them the full stack, we do it with them. We provide them a cutting-edge step by step strategy to become  Successful Professional Business Coaches to help them get results fast for them and their clients with the best support in the world.

That´s why we have hundreds of Professional Business Coaches worldwide trained by us who are making a great impact in their lives, their families, their economy and the full ecosystem. 

3 Reasons Why Is Not For You

Don't work with us if you want to 
“Get Rich Quick”

We can make the journey easier, but success takes a lot of hard work. There are no substitutes. If you believe in something for nothing, we can’t help you. You must be willing to pay the price for success.

We can make it simple. We can give you a step-by-step game plan for expanding your business and your mindset. But, even though we can make it simple, no one can make it EASY. That´s differente, there not easy routes for success. You must take the ladder of success and go step by step. 
Every success we have is an extraordinary entrepreneur. They showed up coachable, decisive, and resourceful. They did everything we told them to. They pushed through setbacks, overwhelm, and challenges, and they earned their success.

“Get rich quick” does not exist in the real world. Neither does “get rich easy”. So, if you are looking for that magic formula, this is not, this is not for you then.
Don't work with us unless you are 
"above the line"

I love the "above the line" concept. It says that "above the line" is the people who is resourceful, commited and action takers, if you are not "above the line" this is not for you.  

 Part of what makes our clients so successful is that we empower them to command premium prices. That is, to charge what they’re really worth. Usually, this is at least 5 K USD  for every client who comes in the door.

To command those kinds of prices, you must be able to develop with us an offer to solve a business challenge for your niche. In other words if you choose the right niche and help them to solve a problem and combine with a great business coaching system you are in the right path to command premium prices.

So, If you are above the line, want to capitalize your expertise and knowledge to help your clients tackle the major issues and challenges of business, we can help you develop the perfect Business Coaching Practice for you and become The Expert Professional Business Coach for your particular niche. 

Don't work with us if you are not 100% committed to helping your clients win

Our Clients for us is everything and we hope that your clients are the same for you. You can not buil a last business if you dont care all the way for your clients. That´s how I think. Our coaches is our main focus, helping them to produce stunning results.

Our entire business philosophy is built around one question: “What is going to get the best outcomes for our clients?”
That’s how we make every decision about everything in our business, 
and we will expect YOU to do the same thing.
Understand this: money and freedom are just the by-products of helping your clients win. If you’re not willing to put your clients and customers FIRST, and to do what it takes to help them succeed, we’re not a fit to work together.
All that being said, let’s talk about who is a fit to work with OlogyCoach.


Who We´re For...

Senior Executives who want to start an Executive independent career, either part time of full time. If you like to help others, 
and want to take advantage of your knowledge and expertise to create massive breakthroughs for your clients, 
we can help you create your Business Coaching Practice, get perfect clients and have more fun in life.
You must be Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.
You must be dead serious about growing your buisness fast while helping your clients win every step of the way.
If that’s you, then click below and check out our latest complimentary masterclass where we reveal the step-by-step strategies 
we use to help our clients build the business of their dreams.
Talk Soon,
About Edgar Ramirez
Edgar Ramirez is an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant who has helped hundreds of coaches and consultant all over the world building profitable Business Coaching practices that allow them to enjoy their lives.

He began his career in the corporate world and as a Communications and Electronics Engineer, he held senior positions in which he served in Management and Direction positions in different areas, among which are marketing and sales and new business development.

As of 2010, he decided to leave the corporate career and started Ology Coach to contribute with all his knowledge, experience and leadership acquired during so many years in helping other entrepreneurs develop better businesses for themselves, their family and society. 

As part of his philosophy and what he transmits to his coaches and consultants is to focus on acquiring and working only with his ideal clients who are those who are "above the line", who are determined and who are willing to do whatever necessary to fulfill your dreams.

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