Are you ready to increase your prices now?
Written by Edgar 
Every day I speak with Coaches and Consultants who are charging very little for their services, whether they charge by the hour or by project, the fact is that this decision does not allow them to grow. They have the belief that if they increase the prices they will lose customers or they will not get them and I understand that. But this has them stagnant, they cannot invest in marketing, they continue to depend on referrals, and they keep their fingers crossed that a client arrives out there lost in the space that frees them a little at the end of the month from the debts that are accumulating.

The reality is that when you believe in what you have to offer to your clients and in the transformation that you generate, the exact opposite happens, that is, you will attract just the ideal clients who want to pay more for your services and this will make them see you as a authority, you will automatically repel all those who seek cheap solutions and you will focus precisely on your ideal clients who are willing to pay for your services and put the effort required to achieve the transformation that only you can provide them, you can then think in scaling, investing in marketing, automating your business and getting the time freedom that all this entails.

Tell me what you think, are you ready to raise your prices now?

See you soon!

Not sure which niche to focus on?
Written by Edgar 
When you are starting as a Coach or Consultant you may find it difficult to which niche to focus on and if so, this is one of the questions you should ask yourself. Do your friends, colleagues or clients ever ask you for advice or help in something in particular? If the answer is yes, what do they ask you about?
Before you say, "I can't think of anything," think about your last days or your last weeks. Did someone ask you a question about something specific? Did they ask you about the same thing over and over?

Write a list of all those things that people turn to for advice on now because that list may be your next great idea to become a successful Coach or Consultant.

Tomorrow I will ask you another question that you must answer to identify the specific niche you want to dedicate yourself to.

See you soon!

What can you do better even than others?
Written by Edgar 
If you are starting as a Coach or Consultant and you do not know which niche to select, I will tell you what is the next question you should ask yourself. Think about this, every day we see Coaches from different fields offering help in different areas and there are some who are good and others not so much, and if you suddenly see any of them and ask yourself, can I do that in a better way? 

So write a list of all those things that you think you can do better than many coaches or consultants out there. Everything you write could result in a great idea that you could turn into a program to help many and scale your business.

See you soon!
What is your passion?
Written by Edgar 
In my past posts, I told you what were some questions you should ask yourself to define your niche properly. We had said that the first is if most people, acquaintances, friends, ask you for help with something in particular, the second is when you see someone do something, you wonder if you can do that better. And today we will see the third question, and it has to do with what you really like, are passionate about, so that you do not end up caught doing things that you do not enjoy.

So the 3rd question you should ask Is there something that you are specifically passionate about ?, and the answer has to do with your personal desires, not so much with whether you have achieved something in that field or not. This is an important thing as many people think that they can only start a business around something that they are already experts in. And it is not always true. I know many cases that coaches are experts in something because they spent many years in the corporate world and mastered something very specific, but really their passion is something else and they developed businesses about what they were really passionate about. So, make a list of those things that you are passionate about and think you can develop a business, coaching or consulting, helping others and impacting them in a profound way.

See you soon!

Watch your thoughts
Written by Edgar 
One of the things you must learn as a Coach and Consultant is to stay on top of the line to help your clients, but what to do when you are having a dialogue with yourself with merely negative thoughts? When your gremlin appears, how can you help someone else when your thoughts are not right, how can you avoid even having those thoughts.
The first step is to be aware that there is this negative dialogue with yourself, and then ask yourself, can I say the same in a positive way? or what I call directed self-talk so that you can focus your thoughts on what is possible to do and change your way of thinking. So watch your thoughts and focus on what's possible, at the end of the day, you can't be a coach or consultant trying to help someone else when you can't control your gremlin.
Do you have these 3 pillars well founded?
Written by Edgar 
If you are a Coach or Consultant and you want not only to survive but to grow and scale your business, you must have these three pillars well established.

1. Mindset. This pillar is the most important of all, without a powerful mentality you will collapse before any obstacle. The mentality must be developed every day, it is your main task from dawn until you go to sleep.

2. Offer. Very often I meet Coaches and Consultants who have thousands of offers, thousands of audiences and thousands of prices, they try to reach everyone. And that's the best way to end up exhausted, they want to be everything to everyone and end up being nothing to anyone. The best thing is to just have a powerful, well-structured offer that solves a big problem for your ideal clients who will be willing to pay you a high price for your services.

3. Customers. You must learn to automate your processes to attract the right prospects every day, who want to talk to you and you are enrolling them in your offer every day, in fact if you want to scale your business to high levels, 80% of your time you owe it. dedicate to enroll clients in your program and 20% to the delivery of the product.

Now, doing all this is not easy, you need to start working on it now!

Good luck!
What are your Power activities?
Written by Edgar 
As a Coach or Consultant you must know how to identify which are the power activities that generate the greatest amount of results every day.

Many people have heard of the Pareto Principle, better known as the 80/20 Rule. This says that in most companies, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers.

So ... when it comes to your priorities, 20 percent of them will give you 80 percent of your RESULTS.

By doing this you are getting a formidable increase in your productivity. Think about what this would mean in your life and in your business.

Every business person needs to understand the Pareto Principle, as it applies to all areas of the business.

In the customer area, it is vital to identify the 20 percent that represent 80 percent of your business. These are your "unconditional" so strategies must be put into practice to take care of them properly.

See you soon!!
Do you know how to use your best weapon?
Written by Edgar 
Over time as a Coach I have undoubtedly achieved clients in many ways, offline and online, in expos, in networkings, by mail, through sales pages, etc. But without a doubt, the best way to close the best customers and at the best price is on the phone.

So if you are a Coach or Consultant and you have not learned to use the telephone to close clients, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. It is very simple if you are attracting prospects in an organic or paid way, you need to be talking to them and generating a very fast return on investment. If you really want to scale your business, you must master this skill.

If you want the same script that my clients and I use to close high priced clients on the phone, just leave me a message.

See you soon!
What is the best skill to develop?
Written by Edgar 
If you want to grow your business as a Coach or Consultant, it is important to always grow your skills, knowledge, marketing, product, sales, etc. But in reality all of that is a consequence of the confidence you have in yourself.

You will not be able to develop your business if you do not believe in what you are doing. Every day, you must work to trust yourself after all, who do you think can trust you more than you?

Once you have done it and only then can you run any business and scale it to the level you want.

At the end of the day, success is owned by those who take responsibility and trust themselves.

See you soon!
Are you from the elite group?
Written by Edgar 
Becoming an Elite Coach or Consultant is easy to say, many say it in fact, most, and it's okay, they want to be the best, play in the big leagues. But the truth is that when things get a little difficult, when they are a little uncomfortable, it seems that they are no longer so interested in belonging to that Elite group.

In fact, I have found that the best coaches, those who belong to that Elite group, are coachable, they have other coaches from whom they continuously learn and invest in their growth, while there are others who resist this and remain in the "me already. I know ", I don't need to have a coach. It seems a bit contradictory, don't you think? That you are a coach and that you don't have one to help you get to that Elite group faster, to make you think, reflect and define the best strategies for your development and growth?

And do you have a Coach or do you already know everything?
Are you doing what you are supposed to do?
Written by Edgar 
To be successful as a coach or consultant you must know what you are doing and why but what happens with most is that they worry and forget what they are supposed to be doing, and that is growing their businesses, and the reality is that no matter what situation you find yourself in, the question is whether you can really be yourself and put the effort, attitude and energy, and if so, you will be on your way to finding your passion and purpose and achieving what you want in your life and your business.

See you soon!
Do you have the strategy to win?
Written by Edgar 
If you are a Coach or Consultant I guess you want to win, but most coaches and consultants focus on the exact opposite of winning.
If you want to lose focus then on those things that are out of your control, let the challenges and obstacles stop you and do not act. If you see it in any way, losing is a simple concept to understand, I am sure that if you want to lose you can give me a huge list of things that make you lose. And it is very easy to do all those things.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to do the things that need to be done to win. Doing the things it takes to win requires effort and focus. But if you think about it, winning or losing, it is a decision that you can make, it is up to you, it is a decision that you must make every day.

You decide to have more clients and implement a suitable strategy to achieve them and take them where they want them or you decide that the things of the day to day take control of you and you end the month without results.

What do you decide for yourself each day, win or lose?

See you soon!
Confidence is action
Written by Edgar 
Just today I spoke with a Coach and he told me that he did not feel the confidence and security to help his clients and that had him paralyzed. When he explained what he was doing, I said wow, this guy is a genius and I'm sure he can get results for his clients, but he's not confident in himself.

What caught my attention is that he said that he did not FEEL confidence and that was why he could not go out to get clients and help them. And actually the process is the other way around, you have to go out and do things and as you go about doing them you will gain confidence. In other words, forget that trust is a feeling, trust is an action. No matter how you feel today, you must act. Only then can you compete at the highest level, get the clients you want, generate the income you want and impact the world.

So, how confident are you today?
What is distracting you from achieving your greatness?
Written by Edgar 
As a Coach or Consultant you have greatness within you. You know that you are a masterpiece ready to be unlocked but you also know that you need to mentally train yourself every day to unlock that greatness.

You know deep down inside that you have that greatness to achieve great results for you and your family, to help your clients do exactly the same. The problem is that during the day and during your life you get distracted with things that do not help you to unleash your potential, focusing on your greatness is a skill that you can develop and strengthen to achieve the goals you set for yourself no matter what happens around you. How many clients do you want to have today? How many people can you help? What income will you generate today? Focus on your greatness, see your dream come true every day.

See you soon!
Who is your competition?
Written by Edgar 
As a Coach or Consultant, who do you compete against every day?

Most coaches and consultants build their offers based on what the competition offers and this approach is completely wrong. In fact, focusing on what others have to be more "competitive" can leave you completely exhausted, without energy, without motivation and without results, it is a very poor approach to competition. You only win if you beat others, you only get motivated if you beat them, but when you lose you don't find a way to handle setbacks. In fact this is the lowest level of competition for coaches and consultants.

The next level is competing with yourself, here you act in the present and focus on what you can control, you compete to be uncomfortable every day and unleash your full potential. There is always something because competing under this approach, you are competing on your own terms and you are not comparing yourself with others, you do not need to defeat anyone, it is you against your limitations and the purpose of achieving your goals. Every day you compete to unleash your full potential and achieve your goals.

With this new approach, as a Coach and Consultant, you will fill yourself with energy and motivation, create unique offers and attract your ideal clients, who are willing to pay you what you deserve.

See you soon!
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